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Hand washing eliminates the chances of sand or pebbles getting lodged In cloth or brushes and scratching Your vehicle...Yet It's Fast & Thorough, You'll See...It's Amazing!


At Wantagh Hand Car Wash we take every step to make sure your vehicle recieves the utmost care possible by prepping every vehicle with high pressure water jet stream. We ensure that damage causing particles  are removed prior to your vehicle entering our tunnel. Use of harsh chemical on your cars finish can damage and strip the protective waxes, making your paint job susceptible to the wear and tear caused by envrionmental factors. The use of mild detergents is the safest way to keep your vehicle's appearance looking it’s best.


After the prep period, our staff applies thick mild detergent to your car by hand to remove the dirt. Your vehicle will proceed though our 100 ft. tunnel and receive and extra treatments such as Rain-X, Rainbox Wax or Rust Inhibitor adding shine your exterior, followed by being rinsed thoroughly using fresh water. Your vehicle then passes through our finishing steps, dried by new High Powered Ultra Air Blowers removing any excess water from the mirrors and door jambs. Our staff then towel dries your vehicle and cleans all your windows.

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